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As we gather

As we gather may Your Spirit work within us,
As we gather may we glorify Your name
Knowing well that as our hearts being to worship

We’ll be blest because we came (x2)

I saw living water flowing from the Temple,
Blood and water flowing from His open side,
Bringing us the life of God and His salvation
And the people sang in joyful praise:
Allelu, alleluia!

We are people born of water and the Spirit,
We are people come to celebrate God’s love,
We have come to heart the Word,
We have come to share the bread,
We have come to sing our praises to God above.

We are sons and daughters of the resurrection,
Halleluiah is the song we sing with joy,
All the praises we proclaim,
Go to God in Jesus’ name
Through His cross He has become our great Amen.

We are folk who show concern for one another.
Yes, we know that God has given gifts to share.
Whether rich or whether poor,
Down and out or blest with more,
We are gathered here to tell you how much we care.