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Holy Virgin by God's decree

Holy Virgin, by God’s decree,
You were called eternally;
That he could give his Son to our race.
Mary, we praise you, hail, full of grace.

Ave, ave, ave, Maria.

By your faith and loving accord,
As the handmaid of the Lord,
You undertook God’s plan to embrace.
Mary we thank you, hail, full of grace.

Joy to God you gave and expressed,
Of all women none more blessed,
When in mankind your Son took his place.
Mary, we love you, hail, full of grace.

Refuge for your children so weak,
Sure protection all can seek.
Problems of life you help us to face.
Mary, we trust you, hail, full of grace.

To our needy world of today
Love and beauty you portray,
Showing the path to Christ we must trace.
Mary, our mother, hail, full of grace.

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