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I am the light

I am the light, bringing You out of darkness,
So come, take my light to the world.
I am the Bread you must feed to the hungry.
The wine that must cheer every heart.

Foxes have holes, birds have their nests,
But the Son of Man has no place to rest.
Come, follow Me, be the light of the nations,
Leave your nets and come, follow Me.

I am the Life that must change every life
And the Way that must alter your ways.
I am the Truth and my Word is the cross
You must take if you want to be free.

I am the Sower, come, work in my vineyard,
My field. Tend my vines, sow the grain.
And should it fall to the ground, it can only
Spring up with new life, hundredfold.

I am the Shepherd come into my sheepfold
To help feed my lambs, feed my sheep.
Bring back the straying and bind up their wounds
And rejoice when you’ve found what was lost.