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I dare not sing of Jesus' pain and anguish

Aniceto Nazareth

I dare not sing of Jesus’ pain and anguish,
when he was crowned with thorns and mocked with jeers;
Of scourge and nails, of blood and water flowing
Of death that crowned his three and thirty years.
But I’ll proclaim He heals our broken spirits,
He takes away our sin and calms our fear
And lifts the burden from the heavy-laden.
Look to the cross, the Saviour of the world is here!

There from the cross can Jesus win the nations?
Did God bequeath a curse or heritage?
Will Jesus meet the needs and aspirations
Of east and west, of sinner and of sage?
Of this I’m sure, all flesh will see His glory,
The grain that fell will yield a hundredfold,
When Christ, the rising sun, will shine in splendour
Acclaim the cross where Jesus died with love untold.