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If you wish to be My disciple

If you wish to be my disciple,
Take up your cross and follow me.

  1. The foxes have their holes, the birds their nest,
    But I have not a place to take my rest.

  2. Whoever loves his life will only lose it.
    It’s only sacrifice that brings one gain.

  3. All you who labour come, you who are burdened.
    Take up my yoke as well and you’ll find rest.

  4. The one who holds the plough and looks behind,
    My kingdom cannot serve, my peace won’t find.

  5. A servant surely is less than his master:
    If they have hated me, they will hate you.

  6. Take nothing for your pay, no bread, no money.
    Your treasure must be one no moth destroys.

  7. So let your loins be girt, your lamps a burning.
    And be like those who wait for my return.

  8. You who have followed me, when life is ended,
    Will reap a hundredfold eternally.