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Jesus, You are my salvation

Jesus, You are my salvation,
Jesus, You’re my inspiration,
Jesus, You’re the treasure of my life.

Jesus, You offer new sight to the blind,
Healing the crippled, the deaf and the mute,
Cleansing the leper and banishing ills,
Raising the dead to life.

Jesus, You nurture the hungry with bread,
Stilling the tempest and calming the sea,
Turning life’s water to glittering wine,
Shedding Your blood for me.

Jesus, my refuge, in You do I trust,
Jesus, my Saviour, in Your I rejoice,
Jesus, my way and my truth and my life,
Jesus who sets me free.

Jesus, the wisdom and power of the Lord,
Jesus, our high priest, our Passover Lamb,
Jesus, the brightness and image of God,
Jesus, the King of peace.