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My Lord He died for a kingdom

My Lord, He died for a Kingdom
To redeem the hearts of men.
Now my people don’t you weep,
He has risen from His sleep.
He lives again, alleluia.

Sing alleluia! The Lord is risen,
He is risen indeed, alleluia!

My Lord came forth like the morning
With the splendour of the sun,
Came triumphant from the womb,
From the darkness of the tomb,
The victory won, alleluia.

My Lord united our mountains
With the everlasting hills.
Now the seasons and the sea
Sing his song of victory,
The rocks and rills, alleluia.

My Lord renewed all creation
That had waited late and long.
Now we all with one accord,
Live and love the risen Lord.
This is our song, alleluia!