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Remember man

Remember man: dust indeed you are
And it is to dust you shall return.

  1. Let us rend our hearts not our garments
    and return to the Lord our God
    For gracious and merciful is He!
  2. Spare Your people O Lord
    Give heed to the cry of your priest
    Do not silence those who sing Your praises.
  3. Let us mend our ways for the better
    and hasten the time of repentance
    For the day of the Lord is near!
  4. Listen to our prayer have mercy
    On the people you claim for Your own
    The people who sinned against You
  5. O God our Saviour help us
    Forgive us our sins O Lord
    For the sake of the glory of Your name!
  6. Give glory to the Father almighty,
    To His Son Jesus Christ our Lord
    To the Spirit who dwells in our hearts.