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Thank You, Lord, for all You've done

Thank You, Lord, for all you’ve done,
Things both great and small,
And for Jesus Christ Your Son,
Thank You most of all.

You forgive us when we falter,
You bring healing when we sin,
You redeem our life from bondage,
And renew us deep within.

As the rain comes down from heaven,
And it makes the earth yield fruits,
So the Word that You once planted
In our hearts has taken root.

You have brought us out of darkness
To the kingdom of Your Son,
In whom all things hold together,
By those cross we are made one.

While the heavens sing Your glory
And the skies proclaim Your work,
Day to day takes up the story,
Night to night declares Your Word.

Lord, we thank You for Your Spirit,
Whom You send to us to stay,
For He helps us in our weakness
When we know not how to pray.