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Walk with me O my Lord

Walk with me O my Lord
Through the darkest night and brightest day
Be at my side O Lord
Hold my hand and guide me on my way.

  1. Sometimes the road seems long, my energy is spent,
    Then Lord, I think of You and I am given strength.
  2. Stones often bar my path and there are times I fall,
    But you are always there to help me when I call.
  3. Just as you calmed the wind and walked upon the sea,
    Conquer, my living Lord, the storms that threaten me.
  4. Help me to pierce the mists that cloud my heart and mind
    So that I shall not fear the steepest mountain side.
  5. As once you healed the lame and gave sight to the blind,
    Help me when I’m downcast to hold my head up high.