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What does it profit a man?

What does it profit a man,
If he gains the whole wide world
But suffers the loss of his soul?
Yes, suffers the loss of his soul?

  1. I have spent my whole life in enjoyment,
    Good food, good drinks, silk to wear,
    With friends who like me let the moments pass
    With never a thought or a care. But…
  2. O Lord, I must rise in repentance.
    Against your love have I sinned.
    But now is the time to return to You:
    I know that Your word makes me free, for…
  3. “Be never the slave of two masters:
    You can’t serve both God and gold.
    Why worry about what to eat and drink?
    YOur Father knows all that you need”, so…
  4. “Provide yourselves with good purses
    And save your riches in heav’n,
    Where thieves cannot reach neither moth destroy,
    You must be rich in God’s sight.” So…